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Leading Crystal Stone Supplier in Indonesia

Universal Crystall - Supplier Crystal Stone Indonesia

As the leading crystal stone supplier in Indonesia, Universal Crystall stands at the forefront of offering a remarkable array of raw crystal treasures sourced from the diverse natural landscapes of the archipelago. Renowned for our commitment to quality and authenticity, our collection showcases an exquisite range of crystal stones, each carefully selected for its unique beauty and energy. With a passion for bringing the natural wonders of Indonesia to the world, we take pride in being the go-to destination for those seeking unparalleled craftsmanship and the inherent magic of crystal stones.

Our Products on Sale

Supplier Grape Agate Mineral Indonesia
Grape Agate
Supplier Bumble Bee Jasper Indonesia
Bumble Bee Jasper
Supplier Pyrite Crystal Indonesia
Pyrite Crystal
Supplier Maligano Jasper Indonesia
Maligano Jasper
Supplier Amber Crystal Indonesia
Amber Crystal
Supplier Carnelian Stone Indonesia
Carnelian Stone
Supplier Clear Quartz Indonesia
Clear Quartz
Supplier Fossil Coral Rock Indonesia
Fossil Coral Rock
Supplier Amethyst Crystal Indonesia
Amethyst Crystal
Supplier Moss Agate Indonesia
Moss Agate
Supplier Palm Root Indonesia
Palm Root
Supplier Natural Oval Indonesia
Natural Oval
Supplier Crazy Lace Agate Indonesia
Crazy Lace Agate
Supplier Dendritic Agate Indonesia
Dendritic Agate
Supplier Labradorite Crystal Indonesia
Labradorite Crystal
Supplier Natural Turquoise Indonesia
Natural Turquoise
Supplier White Druzy Indonesia
White Druzy
Supplier Blue Ice Indonesia
Blue Ice
Supplier Pink Rose Quartz Indonesia
Pink Rose Quartz
Supplier Cryscolla Indonesia
Indonesian Cryscolla

Products by Shape

Supplier Raw Crystal Indonesia
Raw Crystal Stone
Supplier Crystal Skull Carving Indonesia
Crystal Skull Carving
Supplier Crystal Animal Carving Indonesia (1)
Crystal Animal Carving
Supplier Crystal Pendant Indonesia
Crystal Pendant
Supplier Crystal Sculpture Indonesia
Crystal Sculpture
Supplier Pyramid Crystal Indonesia
Pyramid Crystal
Supplier Tower Crystal Indonesia (1)
Tower Crystal
Supplier Mushroom Toadstool Crystal Indonesia
Toadstool Crystal
Indonesia Crystal Housewares Suppliers
Home Decor Crystal
Supplier Butterfly Wings Crystal Indonesia
Wings Crystal
Supplier Home Decor Crystal Indonesia
Housewares Crystal
Supplier Crystal Skull Sculpture Indonesia
Crystal Skull Sculpture

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