Crystal Carving

Amber Skull Carving

The Amber Skull Carving is a mesmerizing work of art that seamlessly blends the mysterious allure of amber with the haunting symbolism of a skull. Meticulously carved from a single piece of genuine amber, the intricacies of the fossilized resin create an ethereal play of warm, golden hues. The skull’s detailed features, sculpted with precision, evoke a sense of both fascination and reverence

Skull Grape Agate

Skull Grape Agate is a captivating agate variety known for its grape cluster-like appearance, showcasing vibrant shades of purple, violet, and green. The stone’s distinctive patterns, combined with skull-like formations, create a visually striking and edgy character. Beyond its unique aesthetics, this agate carries the energetic qualities associated with agate, making it a meaningful addition to crystal collections.

Grape Agate Skull Sculpture

The Grape Agate Skull Sculpture is a mesmerizing piece that seamlessly blends artistry with the inherent beauty of grape agate. Meticulously carved into the shape of a skull, this sculpture showcases the unique characteristics of grape agate, known for its captivating translucent clusters resembling a bunch of grapes. The intricately detailed carving accentuates the natural patterns and vibrant hues of the agate, creating a visually striking and ethereal work of art. 

Skull Maligano Jasper

The Maligano Jasper Skull from Universal Crystall is a captivating piece carved intricately from the distinctive Maligano Jasper. With mesmerizing patterns and earthy hues, this skull embodies the natural beauty of the stone, offering a harmonious blend of warm tones. Serving as a powerful symbol, it invites connection with the grounding energies and ancient mystique of Maligano Jasper. Whether as an art piece or for spiritual practices, this skull is a testament to nature’s artistry and the profound energy within this remarkable crystal.

Bumblee Bee Jasper Crystal Sphere

Bumble Bee Jasper Crystal Sphere is a dynamic gem displaying vibrant yellows, deep blacks, and earthy browns reminiscent of a bumblebee’s patterns. Originating from Indonesia, it exudes warm, energizing vibes for spiritual grounding. Ideal for both decor and spiritual use, its unique aesthetics make it a standout addition to any crystal collection or a thoughtful gift.

Druzy Seashell Carving

Discover the allure of our Druzy Seashell Carving – a harmonious blend of nature’s charm and artisanal finesse. Hand-carved from genuine seashell, each piece features intricate details and naturally occurring druzy crystals, creating a captivating play of light. This unique carving effortlessly brings a touch of organic elegance to any space, making it a must-have for collectors and those seeking sophisticated natural beauty.

Moss Agate Animal Carving

The Moss Agate Animal Carving is a captivating masterpiece that seamlessly combines the intricate artistry of carving with the natural beauty of moss agate. Meticulously handcrafted, this unique piece showcases the mesmerizing green hues and organic patterns inherent in moss agate, creating a lifelike representation of an animal form.

Petrified Wood Animal Carving

Universal Crystall Petrified Wood Animal Carvings showcase the captivating fusion of ancient petrified wood with expert carving artistry. Each piece intricately brings various animals to life, embodying the unique textures and earthy tones of the fossilized wood. Ideal for collectors and nature enthusiasts, these carvings offer a timeless connection to the natural world’s history and beauty.

Bumblee Bee Jasper Tower Carving

Bumblebee Jasper Tower Carving is a visually stunning piece carved from vibrant Bumblebee Jasper, showcasing dynamic patterns in bold yellows, oranges, and blacks. This unique carving captures the energetic beauty of nature, making it an ideal choice for crystal enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and uplifting presence in their space.

Dendritic Tower Carving

The Dendritic Tower Carving is a mesmerizing piece of artistry that encapsulates the organic beauty of nature within the heart of crystal. Meticulously handcrafted, this tower carving exhibits intricate dendritic patterns reminiscent of delicate ferns or frost-kissed branches, etched against a translucent crystal canvas.

Bumble Bee Jasper Carving

Bumble Bee Jasper Carving, a true masterpiece of nature’s artistry, captivates with its vibrant hues and intricate patterns. Mined from the heart of Indonesia, this unique carving showcases a stunning fusion of vivid yellow, deep blacks, and earthy oranges, resembling the delicate wings of a bumblebee. The swirling patterns, reminiscent of abstract paintings, create a mesmerizing visual display.

Grape Agate Pyramid Carving

Meticulously handcrafted, this pyramid-shaped carving showcases the unique charm of Grape Agate, with its distinctive orbicular formations resembling clusters of grapes. The intricate detailing brings out the rich purple and green hues, creating a harmonious blend that adds an element of sophistication to any space. A perfect fusion of artistry and the inherent elegance of Grape Agate, this pyramid carving not only serves as a stunning decorative piece but also exudes the powerful energy and calming vibes associated with this rare and enchanting crystal

Crystal Mushroom Toadstool

Hand-carved from high-quality crystal, this exquisite piece resembles the whimsical charm of a mushroom toadstool, radiating an aura of magic and mystique. Its carefully detailed design captures the essence of nature, with translucent layers that playfully interact with light, creating a mesmerizing display.

Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal, known as the “Master Healer,” is a versatile gem symbolizing purity and clarity. With its transparent appearance, it serves as a powerful conduit for positive energy, amplifying surroundings and promoting balance. Revered for spiritual growth and meditation, Clear Quartz embodies timeless beauty, inviting individuals to connect with their inner selves and the world around them.

Crystal Stone Home Decor

Elevate your home with the enchanting Crystal Stone Home Decor collection from Universal Crystall. Curated from Indonesia’s rich mineral treasures, each piece radiates natural elegance. From captivating bookends to geode coasters, these unique crystal accents seamlessly blend aesthetics with positive energy, transforming your living spaces into havens of beauty and authenticity.

Crystal Stone Home Decor

Elevate your home’s ambiance with our Crystal Stone Home Decor. Crafted from Indonesia’s rich crystal reserves, each piece exudes a unique energy. From captivating crystal vases to soothing table lamps, seamlessly blend nature’s beauty with functional elegance for an enchanting home atmosphere.

Crystal Stone Home Supplies

Explore the enchanting world of Crystal Stone Home Supplies at Universal Crystall, where natural beauty meets functional elegance. Our collection features a curated selection of raw crystal pieces sourced from the rich landscapes of Indonesia, each uniquely imbued with its own distinctive energy. Transform your living spaces with the innate charm of crystal, whether through captivating table lamps that radiate soothing light, or exquisite crystal vases that elevate your home decor.

Customized Crystal Engraving

Experience personalized elegance with our Customized Crystal Engraving service, turning your cherished moments into timeless keepsakes. Our skilled artisans meticulously engrave crystals to capture the essence of your sentiments, creating unique masterpieces that radiate beauty and sentimentality. Preserve and showcase your treasured memories with the art of personalized crystal engraving.

Amethyst Crystal Wishing Bottle

The Amethyst Crystal Wishing Bottle is a enchanting fusion of natural beauty and spiritual significance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mesmerizing bottle encapsulates the serene energy of amethyst crystals. The bottle, adorned with a stunning amethyst crystal stopper, houses a collection of finely tumbled amethyst stones, each selected for its clarity and vibrant hues. Amethyst, known for its calming and spiritual properties, is believed to enhance intuition and promote positive energy.

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